Announcing The Conversation 2010, in New York: On Social Media, Digital Distribution, and the Future of Film

I’m excited that we’re finally announcing the date, place, and a few of the early speakers for the next edition of The Conversation, a gathering we first held in the Bay Area back in 2008.

It’ll be held Saturday, March 27th at Columbia University (thanks to the support of faculty member Ira Deutchman and event manager Daisy Nam there.) Those of us on The Conversation’s advisory board are working to rope in some amazing speakers and sponsors, and ensure that this East Coast event will be every bit as good (better?) as the West Coast version, which brought together a phenomenal group of pioneering filmmakers, storytellers, designers, and technologists.

Registration is now open and there is a steep discount if you sign up before February 14th.

We are also soliciting your ideas for speakers, topics, and workshops you might want to run at the event, using our fancy-schmancy wiki.

And we’d love your help spreading the word.

Among the topics we plan to address:

    > Adventures in Digital Distribution: What Has Worked, What Hasn’t, and How the Market is Evolving

    > Social Media: Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Using Digital Tools To Sell Tickets, DVDs, and Downloads, and Get Audiences Engaged with Your Cause

    > Stories Elsewhere: Telling Stories and Engaging With Viewers in New Media, Forms & Formats

    > Beyond Facebook: Social Media Sites and Services That Can Benefit Filmmakers

    > Site Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    > Creating Internet-Native Content

    > Crowdfunding Strategies and Successes

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