‘Filmmakers Taking Charge,’ May 7th at the Maryland Film Festival

I’ve been helping out the good folks at the Maryland Film Festival with a new event, coming up on May 7th in Baltimore: the Filmmakers Taking Charge Conference.

It’ll focus on topics like “generating buzz in a digital world,” “the new rules of distribution,” and what filmmakers can learn from the music industry’s experiences with radical changes to its business model.

There’s a great list of speakers — most of them filmmakers — including Josh and Bennie Safdie (‘Daddy Longlegs’), Lena Dunham (‘Tiny Furniture’), Ed Sanchez (‘Blair Witch Project’), Aaron Katz ‘Dance Party’), Joe Swanberg (‘Alexander the Last’), and Linas Phillips (‘Bass Ackwards’). Janet Pierson, who runs the SXSW film fest, will be there, as will Rick Allen from SnagFilms, Ira Deutchman from Emerging Pictures, and Scott Macaulay from Filmmaker Magazine.

Help spread the word to folks you know near Baltimore/DC/Philly… and there’s a $25 discount on passes purchased by this Friday (April 30th).

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