Links from Distribution U. in NY…And looking ahead to Saturday at UCLA

Roko Belic, Director, “Genghis Blues” and “Happy”

Joe Beyer, Producer, Sundance Institute Online

Adam Chapnick, Founder, Distribber

Jonathan Dana, producer and producer’s rep, “Road to Nowhere”

Nolan Gallagher, Founder and CEO, Gravitas Ventures

Jim Gilliam of NationBuilder, the Internet strategist who helped Robert Greenwald launch (and finance) his Brave New Films series of documentaries and online videos

Roberta Grossman, Producer/Director, “Blessed is the Match”

Madelyn Hammond, Marketing Expert, Madelyn Hammond & Associates

• Producer and editor Joel Heller (“Winnebago Man”)

Justine Jacob, Director, “Ready Set Bag” and Partner, Lee & Lawless

• Oren Jacob, CTO, Pixar and Executive Producer, “Runner’s High” and “Ready Set Bag”

Skot Leach, Co-Founder, Lost Zombies

Cara Mertes, director, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program

Cora Olson and Jennifer Dubin of Present Pictures

Danae Ringelmann, Co-Founder, IndieGoGo

Chris Shellen, Web strategist and producer, “Marwencol

Jill Sobule, crowdfunding pioneer and musician; Jill’s latest release is “The California Years,” funded entirely by her fans.

• IndieWire writer Anne Thompson of “Thompson on Hollywood” (formerly of Variety and The Hollywood Reporter

Nancy Willen, Head of Acme PR, Documentary Publicist (“Taxi to the Dark Side”)