Spencer Honeyman of VirZoom

Mar 14, 2016

Welcome to Everything VR & AR!

On this inaugural episode we are joined by Spencer Honeyman, who
is the Director of Business Development for VirZoom. VirZoom is designed to be
a controller that helps you exercise while your experience a
virtual reality world while gaming.

For more information on the VirZoom, make sure to visit their website at
VirZoom.com to
learn more and get your pre-order placed.

Make sure to visit www.thevrara.com for more information about the
VRAR Association and how you can get involved. Also, we invite you
to follow @thevrara on Twitter.

It pays to

During the episode, Spencer announced that listeners of
Everything VR & AR can save $100 off of their VirZoom pre-order
by using the following promo code at checkout:


So make sure to head over to VirZoom.com and use the promo code
VRAR to save $100 off the purchase of your VirZoom

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