Rob Ogden from Madison Wells

Rob Ogden, EVP of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development at Madison Wells Media discusses the emerging VR entertainment market. Rob discusses MWM’s work through its VR division, Reality One, with Wevr and Director Jon Favreau to produce Gnomes & Goblins, MWM’s work with Sony Pictures in creating the Passengers VR Experience, based on the movie Passengers, and offers insights into the future growth and monetization opportunities of VR in the entertainment industry. Rob Ogden’s contact information on Twitter: @robogden365 and Linkedin and Madison Wells Media .

Madison Wells Media Summary:

Madison Wells Media was recognized as a Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2017 for fusing movies with VR.

Madison Wells Media is an L.A.-based company that produces film, television, live theater, and VR experiences. The company’s mission is to cross-pollinate properties across its various divisions as a way of growing brands and intellectual property in a way that is more enriching than simply pumping out sequels. Through its partnership with the VR company Wevr, MWM’s first VR experience (produced through its VR division, Reality One) was Gnomes & Goblins directed by Jon Favreau. A preview of the room-scale VR experience launched in September 2016 for use with the HTV Vive VR headset.

MWM formed an exclusive partnership with Sony Pictures to create original, stand-alone VR experiences related to specific Sony titles, the first of which was Passengers. Unlike typical VR projects created by studios, Sony and MWM work to create experiences that can creatively stand alone and are not simply promotional offshoots of films. Through investments in Atom Tickets, The Void, Fandor, and STX Entertainment, MWM is creatively combining content and technology and finding new ways to use an independent platform to create large-scale entertainment that has a bespoke, artist-driven feel.

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