Cosmo Scharf of the VRLA conference

Cosmo Scharf, Co-founder of VRLA and Co-Founder Mindshow, is our guest this week.

This years VRLA is taking place May 4-5 2018 at the LA Convention Center and is one of THE conferences you must attend this year.

Cosmo talks about the inspiration for VRLA several years ago, and some of the philosophical questions and opportunities we should all be considering as we leverage the next generation of immersive and transformative technology.

VRLA 2018 is expected to see 12,000+ attendees, hundreds of exhibitors, educational sessions and product launches. Listeners can get their passes at and use discount code VRLA_goodvibes.

Connect with Cosmo on twitter at @cosmoscharf.

Also check out the VRLA after-party hosted by the VRAR Association’s LA Chapter and Phase Two: RSVP for the after-party here: .