Dan Burgar of the Vancouver VR/AR Association Chapter

Dan Burgar, Vancouver Chapter President of the VR/AR Association, and notably, the Vancouver chapter is one of the largest and fastest growing chapters globally. Dan is also a writer for VRScout, one of the world’s leading immersive media companies, reaching over 250 million people. Dan is also a contributing writer for the Daily Hive and he travels the world speaking at industry conferences regarding trends in VR/AR and immersive media technologies.

Dan talks about the Vancouver VR/AR ecosystem and what he’s seeing in other parts of the world where he’s visited and spoken at events in Dubai, and South America to name a couple.

This episode is airing post the VR/AR Global Summit, but the interview took place before the show where Dan also talks about what he’s looking forward to at the conference.

Connect with Dan on Linkedin or on Twitter at: @dburgar and @vrara_vancouver.