Bernie Sanders Presidential Inauguration Freezing Moment Spawns Meme-Worthy Snapchat Lens

The world of politics can sometimes get a little toxic, but with the new administration, there’s already a bit of whimsy creeping back into the online meme space.

The latest comes courtesy of a new unofficial Snapchat filter that takes an inauguration meme and lets you bring it into your own space via Snapchat Lens filter.

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Of all the political memes to surface during Wednesday’s inauguration, one of the most shared was former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders freezing while huddled in a chair during the outdoor ceremony in Washington, D.C. Of course, the internet had to turn it into the humorous meme machine that the moment was begging for.

Now, thanks to a quick-thinking Snapchatter, scanning the Snapcode below or visiting this link in the Snapchat app for iOS or Android unlocks the “Little Bernie” filter, which lets you immediately put a bundled up, giant mitten wearing, masked up and toughing it out version of Sanders in your own space.

The quickie filter, which was created by Canadian model Ame’lie Tremblay, may be simple, but it’s yet another example of how easy the process has become when it comes to creating augmented reality content via Lens Studio.

The real Bernie Sanders (right) freezing in Washington, D.C. Images by Amélie Tremblay/Snapchat, NBC News/YouTube

Sanders, who has often been the focus of light-hearted humor in the last couple of presidential campaigns, came close to occupying the White House himself last year, but for now, he’ll have to be happy supporting his fellow Democrat while enduring bone-chilling winter temperatures. Perhaps the only thing missing from the Snapchat filter is the Larry David theme music, which frequently accompanies a good Sanders meme.

Cover image via Trevor Pitt/Twitter