NexTech AR’s Paul Duffy on How Mobile AR & Holographic Performances Are Changing How We Work & Play

As augmented reality space continues to move into the mainstream, the competition to offer immersive services is ramping up as well.

One of the companies leading the charge to help brands and individuals offer and experience AR via mobile devices is Toronto-based NexTech AR.

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The company is attempting to address a range of immersive segments, including helping companies to hold virtual events, facilitating holographic performances, and even diving into the virtual try-on space, which has exploded in recent years.

One of the executives helping NexTech AR execute its AR software-as-a-service vision is Paul Duffy, a veteran tech and entertainment executive who began delving into the world of virtual performances way back in 2014 when the technology was still extremely new to even the most dedicated technologists.

In this nearly hour-long chat, originally held on Twitter Spaces, I talked to Duffy about a wide range of topics from holographic performances, to smartphone and tablet AR versus head-worn AR devices, to the future of AR smartglasses, and we even explored how the NFT world is quickly merging with the world of AR.

If you missed the Twitter Spaces chat, this is your chance to hear what one of the companies on the bleeding edge of AR is doing to take the technology mainstream. Click the video below to listen to the entire conversation.

Cover image via NexTech AR