Introducing: The Great Creators with Guy Raz

The Great Creators with Guy Raz premieres on September 20th, featuring conversations about creativity with some of the most celebrated actors, musicians and performers of our time. Each week, Guy sits down with notable and beloved entertainers to trace their life’s journey, dive deep into their work, and illuminate the source of their creativity. With each episode you’ll have a true appreciation for how your favorite creators found greatness, and might even feel inspired to ignite your own creativity.

In a recent episode, Guy interviewed actor, comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert. They talked about Colbert’s journey, from his early days doing stand-up in Chicago to taking the coveted late-night gig at CBS, and how each experience helped sculpt him into the legend we know today, and his source of creativity throughout it all.

Listen to The Great Creators with Guy Raz:

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