Threading the future of circular fashion with Peter Majeranowski of Circ

Over one hundred billion garments will be produced this year, but they don’t have to be. 

Peter Majeranowski says we have all the clothes we need to make all the clothing we’ll ever need, and his company, Circ, has pioneered the technology to prove it. 

This week on How I Built This Lab, Peter shares how trying to create fuel from tobacco unintentionally led to the creation of a different material — pulp that could go back to the beginning of the supply chain and close the loop on fast fashion. Plus, the future of sustainability in the industry and the impact brands can have on the environment simply by changing their fabric sources. 

This episode was produced by Carla Esteves and edited by John Isabella, with research help from J.C. Howard. 

Our music was composed by Ramtin Arablouei. Our audio engineer was James Willetts.

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