The Future of Driving is Autonomous with Dmitri Dolgov of Waymo

Waymo Co-CEO Dmitri Dolgov is convinced that his company’s vehicles are better at driving than any human. Dmitri has spent thousands of hours riding in them, and recently Guy had the chance to try one out as well…

This week on How I Built This Lab, Dmitri recounts the decade-plus journey of building Waymo into the world’s first company to operate a fully-autonomous ride hailing service. Plus, how Waymo’s approach differs from Tesla’s, and Dmitri’s take on when we’ll see more AV’s on the roads than human-driven cars (spoiler: sooner than you may think!)

This episode was produced by Kerry Thompson with music by Ramtin Arablouei. 

It was edited by John Isabella with research help from Chris Maccini. Our audio engineer was Neal Rauch. 

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